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Sunday, January 9, 2011


       Many Of You May Heard Of Torrents But May Not Know How To Use Them...
Now I Will Explain You About
  •  Torrent
  •  How To Download A Torrent
  •  How To Find Whether A Torrent Is Real Or Fake


                         Bittorrent (Often Abbreviated To 'BT') Is A Protocol That Allows You To Download Files Quickly And Efficiently. It Is A Peer To Peer Protocol, Which Means You Download And Upload To Other People Downloading The Same File. Bittorrent Is Often Used For Distribution Of Very Large Files, Very Popular Files And Files Available For Free, As It Is A Cheap, Fast, Efficient Way To Distribute Files To Users Like You.

                          µtorrent Is A Bittorrent Client. A 'Client' In This Case Is A Computer Program That Follows The Rules Of A Protocol. For Example, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Is The Protocol Used To Download Web Pages And Other Content - Like This Page - And Your HTTP Client (Or Browser) Is The Program You Use To Get Those Web Pages. Some Popular Browsers Include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome And Safari.
Just As There Are Multiple Web Browsers, There Are Multiple Bittorrent Clients, And µtorrent Is One Such BT Client.

How To Download A Torrent:
                          To Use A Torrent File You Need A BitTorrent Client Like utorrent or BitTorrent
After Downloading And Installing utorrent or BitTorrent,You Need A Torrent File To Start The Download.A Torrent File Can Be Downloaded From Hundreds Of Websites.

                           A Few Important Torrent Download Websites Include:
                              Pirate Bay

Search Torrent Here:

                               After Downloading The Torrent File Doule Click On The Torrent File,It Will Open On The BitTorrent Client.
Voila You Can See The Downloading Of The File Through Torrent.

 How To Find Whether A Torrent Is Real Or Fake:
                    To Find Whether A Torrent File Is Real Or Not Is Very Easy.Just Check The Seeds And Leeches,While Downloadfing The Torrent File.If The Number Of Seeds Is More Than Three,The File Can Be Downloaded,Otherwise The File Will Be Idle.So Do Check The Seeds And Peers While Downloading A Torrent File.

                                 Enjoy And Have Fun

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